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Marquee Funding Group

Marquee Funding Group offers investors an alternative and secured real estate investment. These investments are in the form of a Promissory Note secured by a Deed of Trust (Trust Deeds) and collateralized, secured, and insured on all types of property throughout California and Colorado.

Loans are screened and underwritten by licensed professionals with an emphasis on principal and yield preservation. Each aspect of the loan request is scrutinized as to the quality of the collateral, borrower’s financials & ability to repay, and verification of title to insure that investors are protected.

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All investments are documented, escrowed, and evidenced by a recorded security instrument.
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We offers loans in both the Consumer & Commercial marketplace. Providing investors an array of choices catered to their individual investment strategy.
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All loans are sold “Deal Specific” in a particular loan and piece of real property as security. Investors can expect net yields from 8-12% annually.


Marquee offers in-house servicing with Platinum Loan Servicing. Origination and servicing under one roof allows for concierge like care and maintenance of your investments.


What yield can I expect?

Investors can expect net yields from 8-12% annually.

How can I review my portfolio?

You can review your portfolio at this link:

What is Marquee Capital Fund 1?

Marquee Capital Fund 1 offers a passive earning opportunity as an attractive alternative to traditional fixed-income investments, providing high-yielding fixed income while protecting investor capital.

What's your loan scenario?

We’re proud of our reputation as a common sense, no-nonsense private money lender. If you need a mortgage approved, let us take a look. We do fund loans others won’t.

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