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Delivering Our Investors Solid Fixed Income

For More Than a Decade
“Marquee Capital Fund 1” provides qualified investors the opportunity to participate in a mortgage fund comprised of quality real estate secured loans. This vehicle allows investors to passively invest in a high-yielding secured notes via an array of well-underwritten mortgage products (8% preferred return). Marquee Funding Group is a pioneer in the space and our team has and will continue to deliver excellent returns with great security.

Leverage our proven expertise

Marquee Capital Fund 1 offers a passive earning opportunity as an attractive alternative to traditional fixed-income investments, providing high-yielding fixed income while protecting investor capital. 

In the last decade, we have successfully originated in excess of 1,700 loans totaling more than $1 Billion dollars. We offer private money loans in both the consumer and commercial marketplace which provides our investors a diverse portfolio of real estate secured notes/assets.

Loans are screened and underwritten by licensed professionals with an emphasis on principal and yield preservation. Each aspect of the loan request depends on the quality of the collateral, the borrower’s financials and ability to repay, as well as verification of title to ensure that investors are protected.

Fund Name: Marquee Capital Fund 1 LLC
Exemption: 506(c)
Target Return: 8% to 9.5%
Preferred Return: 8% annualized rate of return

Why invest in real estate lending?

Private lending has become a staple of the financial services industry. Projected to be over $1 Trillion dollars in volume, we fill the void left by banks and credit unions. We do the profitable deals that they can’t do. Our Fund product is designed to limit investor exposure through prudent underwriting, diversification via a pool of mortgage-backed securities, and investing in a wide array of mortgage products.

Cash Strategies

  • Cash flow
  • Increased transparency as compared to financial institutions through portfolio reporting tools

Take Advantage of Tax Strategies

  • Tax-advantaged strategies available
  • The fund may elect REIT status which allows investors to deduct 20% of qualified REIT dividends from their income tax return

Diversify Investments

  • Invest in real estate without the hassles of being a landlord 
  • Great efficiency as compared to banks and other financial institutions 
  • Borrower equity requirements offer protection against market volatility
  • Non-correlated to the stock market
  • Passive vehicle with high yields.
Please consult your tax professional for further information

Outperforming the market headline

Not a guaranteed return and it is subject to the cashflow of the underlying loan portfolio of the Fund. Please review the Memorandum for further explanation.

Meet Our Leaders

Scot Fine

Scot Fine


RJ Solovy

RJ Solovy

President / Broker

Larry Rabinoff

Larry Rabinoff


Fund deals that make sense

Our loans are secured by real estate and underwritten with the value of the assets and the borrower in mind. Our borrowers prefer the speed, accessibility, and flexibility of private financing. You will benefit from the deals of our quality borrower base and earn higher yields, quicker.

Luxury Estate in Yellowstone Club, Big Sky MT

Loan Amount: $10,500,000
Interest Rate: 8.75%
Loan-to-Value: 50%
Loan Term: 60 months

Commercial / Industrial Vacant Lot Purchase

Loan Amount: $1,155,000
Interest Rate: 9.25%
Loan-to-Value: 55%
Loan Term: 24 months

Owner Occupied 2nd SFR in Pacific Palisades

Loan Amount: $400,000
Interest Rate: 9.5%
Loan-to-Value: 68.85%
Loan Term: 36 Months

Purchase + Construction Loan in Malibu

Loan Amount: $2,160,000
Interest Rate: 9.25%
Loan-to-Value: 60%
Loan Term: 60

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Investor Presentation

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