Overcoming Identity Theft: Getting a Mortgage After Fraud
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January 18, 2024


Financial transactions are increasingly conducted online in the modern era. 

As a result, thousands of homebuyers suddenly find the specter of identity theft looming over them, casting a shadow over their homeownership dreams. 

Identity theft is rampant 

Identity theft occurs when a person’s data is stolen and used by someone else fraudulently, typically for economic gain. 

Identity theft statistics for 2024:

Traditional banks, with their stringent credit checks and loan approval processes, often become insurmountable obstacles for those whose financial standing has been compromised by identity theft. 

However, hard money lenders like Marquee Funding Group offer a viable alternative for those caught in a snare of identity theft: a mortgage that isn’t constrained by the rules of traditional lending. 

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Understanding the challenges: How identity theft affects credit scores and mortgages

Identity theft can drastically alter a person’s life, affecting their credit score, financial stability, and ability to make significant financial decisions, such as obtaining a mortgage. 

This form of theft involves the unauthorized use of personal information—such as Social Security numbers, bank account information, and credit card details—for fraudulent activities. 

These actions can lead to:

  • A significant drop in credit scores
  • Unauthorized debts
  • A tarnished financial history

Any one of these factors can make the path to homeownership through conventional banking channels fraught with challenges. 

Traditional banks’ fixation on credit scores and financial history often view victims of identity theft as high-risk borrowers, leading to loan application denials or prohibitively high-interest rates.

The traditional mortgage process vs. hard money lending

Regardless if you’re a potential homebuyer in the process of rectifying your credit scores and financial records—banks and traditional lenders will often disqualify anyone who has been a victim of identity theft. 

On the other hand, hard money lending offers an alternative—founded on the value of tangible assets rather than the abstract numbers of credit scores. 

Hard money lenders, like Marquee Funding Group, evaluate loan applications based on the collateral provided, such as real estate.

The borrower’s credit history is secondary in the approval process. 

However, lenders will also require low-credit borrowers to sign up for credit counseling, which helps the borrower find ways to increase their credit score.

An asset-based approach like this opens doors for those who may find themselves shut out from traditional financing options due to circumstances beyond their control, such as identity theft.

How hard money lenders offer a solution in getting a mortgage after identity theft

Hard money loans come with two big advantages for individuals recovering from identity theft. 

  1. A faster approval process—requiring less paperwork and fewer bureaucratic hurdles than traditional mortgages (an often pressing factor for buyers in competitive real estate markets or for those who wish to quickly move past an episode of identity theft)
  2. Flexibility and personalized service—understanding that each borrower’s situation is unique, Marquee Funding Group offers tailored loan solutions that consider the individual’s current financial landscape, including any incidents of identity theft. 

This approach streamlines your access to financing. 

This level of support and understanding can be instrumental in helping victims of identity theft reclaim their financial independence and step onto the property ladder.

Moving forward: Building a strong mortgage application after identity theft

For those considering a hard money loan—especially after an incident of identity theft—preparation is key. 

Potential borrowers should start by gathering all necessary documentation—including any reports or records related to the identity theft—current financial statements, and details of the collateral property. 

Understanding the value of your assets, particularly the real estate being used as collateral, is fundamental to this process.

Keep the lines of communication clear

Transparency and open communication with your lender about your financial situation, including the history of identity theft, are imperative. 

This honesty enables lenders like Marquee Funding Group to tailor their loan products to fit your specific needs, offering the most appropriate terms and rates.

Choose Marquee Funding Group to rebuild after identity theft 

Marquee Funding Group stands out for its expertise in handling complex financial scenarios with a commitment to quick, personalized loan solutions. 

Recognizing the frustrating challenges faced by victims of identity theft, Marquee Funding Group offers an empathetic, flexible approach—focusing on the value of the collateral rather than the problems that might show on a credit report. 

This client-centric philosophy ensures that borrowers not only receive the financial assistance they need but also the support and guidance necessary throughout the loan process.

Marquee Funding Group for homebuying solutions

Anyone affected by identity theft who is struggling to secure a mortgage can reach out to Marquee Funding Group for a no-obligation consultation. 

Our lending team is ready to provide valuable insight and more about obtaining a hard money loan tailored to your unique circumstances. 

Get started with Marquee Funding Group to move past identity theft and onto the path of homeownership.

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