Do I Need a Financial Advisor to Invest in Real Estate?
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March 28, 2022


To reach the greatest success, most investors will need a team of professionals by their side to help them make the right decisions and provide sound financial or legal advice.

When it comes to investing in real estate, this team is of even greater importance. To truly understand the ins and outs of the industry, you will need the right support.

Among these expert players should be a real estate financial advisor. Not all financial advisors are well-versed in real estate, so finding the right person may take some extra effort.

Let’s take a look at the role of a financial advisor in real estate investing, and how to find the right person for the job.

Who is a Financial Advisor?

Simply put, a financial advisor helps you make the best decisions with your money, including investments, savings, budgeting, and tax strategies.

However, their job is anything but simple. If you’ve stalled in hiring a financial advisor, it may be because you don’t realize the full scope of what they can do.

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A great financial advisor is really a financial planning partner. They dig into your specific financial situation and help you create a plan that focuses on your short-term and long-term goals and preferences.

Here are some of the most important roles of a financial advisor:

  • Determine your financial health, plans, and goals
  • Assess all current investments and sources of income
  • Educate you on your topics of interest
  • Evaluate your preferred risk and investment preferences
  • Craft a personalized financial roadmap
  • Predict various life scenarios
  • Regularly monitor progress and re-evaluate goals

Financial advising is never one-size-fits-all, and if you are working with an advisor who works this way, move on. Your relationship with your financial advisor needs to be tailored to your unique goals and preferences.

As a real estate investor, this is even more important to your success. It can be a bit more challenging to find a financial advisor with the specific licenses and experience to guide you in your specific path, but it’s just a matter of asking the right questions.

How do Financial Advisors Help You Invest in Real Estate?

Depending on the types of real estate investments you are interested in, a financial advisor will help you make a plan that fits your current finances and investment goals.

This plan will take into account the following general goals:

  • Building a steady form of passive income
  • Building a tailored retirement plan
  • Helping you maximize and reallocate real estate profits
  • Teaching you how to maximize tax savings year-round
  • Determining the best course of savings for emergencies

The most important aspect of these goals is meeting you where you are. As a new investor, they need to be able to educate and guide you through the process, taking into account your specific interests.

Most people investing in real estate are either fixing and flipping, renting properties, or passively investing in real estate secured loans.

Serious investors want to diversify their portfolios. A skilled advisor will help you navigate the smartest methods to diversify.

How to Choose the Right Financial Advisor

Finding a financial advisor to help with your real estate investments may not be as straightforward as simply seeking a financial planner, but if you know what you need and what you’re looking for, it will be a lot easier.

While you’re searching, start with recommendations from fellow real estate investors. Remember that real estate financial advisors may have other titles, too. They may be called “investment advisors” or “wealth advisors.”

Can’t I Just Choose Any Certified Financial Planner?

A certified financial planner, or CFP, is certified by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards. CFPs can provide advice on a wide range of financial topics.

If you’re seeking a CFP for real estate advice and planning, be sure to ask a lot of questions about their real estate investment experience. There are many other certifications as well, including a Certified Fund Specialist (CFS).

Here are some additional tips to consider during your search:

  • Perform your own research on your preferred investments and risk prior to speaking with an advisor, so you can find one who meets these preferences
  • Determine the level of support you are seeking
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for references
  • Weigh their advice carefully to make sure it always meets your needs and goals

As you connect with a new advisor, be mindful of the advisor’s preferences and leanings. Ask a lot of questions to understand their recommendations, and be sure they are respecting your own preferences and risk tolerance.

The more specific your interests, the simpler it can be to find the right advisor. 

For example, if you’re planning to invest in real estate secured notes, your most important question to a potential planner is about their experience in this area.

Invest in Real Estate Secured Notes with a Financial Advisor

While it’s not required to have a financial advisor prior to investing in real estate, they can make the process a lot smoother.

Your advisor can help you make the smartest investment decisions to help you properly diversify your portfolio.

A key asset to any diverse portfolio is real estate secured notes. The right financial advisor understands the highest quality notes come from quality private money lenders.

Marquee Funding Group offers accredited investors the opportunity to invest in these notes through their mortgage fund, Marquee Capital Fund 1.

Through the fund, investors have access to the following:

  • A high-yielding alternative to fixed-income investments
  • Secured notes in both the consumer and commercial marketplace
  • Loans screened and underwritten by licensed professionals
  • 8% preferred return
  • Additional security through title verification, quality of collateral, and borrower equity requirements

With the guidance of your trusted financial advisor, you can add another expert player to your team: Marquee Funding Group. And if you haven’t yet reached accredited status, your advisor can help you achieve this goal first.

Start investing with Marquee Capital Fund 1 today to benefit from our quality borrower base.

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