Beat the Market & Protect Your Savings: Diversified Investment with Marquee Capital Fund 1
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March 7, 2024


Timing is everything with investments—and there’s quite a risk of getting it wrong.

There are several reasons why investors may make poorly timed investment decisions, such as making decisions based on emotion or following the crowd.

Investing with Marquee Capital Fund 1 eliminates these obstacles with full-circle servicing and expert support.

Let’s talk about how you can gain access to the fund and avoid poorly timed decisions with your investments.

Let’s Start Investing

Getting the timing right in your investment decisions

Timing plays a pivotal role in determining the ultimate profitability and success of an investment strategy.

The No. 1 reason timing is crucial is for maximizing returns.

When investors enter and exit markets or assets at opportune moments, they have the potential to significantly enhance their investment returns.

But to understand “good timing,” investors must be able to cultivate a deep knowledge of economic conditions, industry trends, and consumer behavior.

Good timing influences the following aspects of an investment.

Risk management

Ideal timing helps mitigate the risks associated with market fluctuations. 

Failure to avoid certain investments at the peak of market bubbles or economic cycles can increase the potential for significant losses.

Identifying opportunities

The ability to identify and capitalize on the right opportunities requires good timing.

Capital preservation

Poorly timed investments can erode your capital.

Investing when markets are overvalued or during economic downturns can result in losses that take time to recover from.

Reaching financial goals

Good timing allows investors to align their decisions with present and future financial goals.

Whether you intend to save funds for retirement, education, or other investments, timing your investments appropriately ensures the necessary funds are available when needed.

What makes an investment decision poorly timed?

Generally, poorly timed investment decisions refer to scenarios where investors buy or sell assets at unfavorable moments in the market cycle, leading to lackluster returns or losses.

This may manifest as buying high during market peaks or selling low during market lows, driven by emotional reactions or a lack of understanding of the market dynamics.

However, poor timing also may involve scenarios where an investor fails to take advantage of an opportunity or reacts impulsively to short-term fluctuations without considering long-term trends.

Common pitfalls investors face in timing investments

  • Emotion-based decisions rather than strategic planning or rational analysis
  • A focus on timing the market vs. long-term fundamentals
  • Overconfidence that leads to excessive risks
  • “Herd mentality”: Misguided actions influenced by the media or other investors
  • Failing to diversify across asset classes or sectors

Everyone makes mistakes. 

Investors can effectively reduce the impacts of poorly timed decisions and common pitfalls by diversifying their portfolios.

Diversification: The key to overcoming the impacts of poor timing

The significance of portfolio diversification cannot be overstated.

It is a truly fundamental principle that involves spreading your investments across various asset classes, industries, geographic regions, and investment vehicles.

Alternative investments are becoming increasingly popular in 2024 as more investors realize the power of allocating their investments across a range of assets.

Investing in private debt, such as an mREIT, is an excellent way to access the benefits of real estate investing without having to own and manage the properties yourself.

Private mREITs also smooth out volatility and protect your portfolio from the adverse effects of market fluctuations.

How Marquee Capital Fund 1 helps investors diversify—and avoid poor market timing

Marquee Funding Group offers alternative real estate investing without the risks of property management.

Our alternative is in the form of private mortgage real estate investment trusts (mREITs) that hold mortgage-backed securities collateralized by real estate.

Marquee Capital Fund 1 effectively helps investors mitigate timing risks and optimize their investment outcomes through the following avenues.

Diversified holdings

By spreading investments across a range of property types, the fund reduces the reliance on individual timing decisions. 

This diversification helps cushion against the impact of poorly timed investments in specific assets and enhances your portfolio’s overall resilience.

Professional management

Our mortgage REIT funds private loans that are flexible but not speculative. 

Rather than churning out deals, we finance responsible investments.

We adhere to the highest auditing standards, with the same level of duty of care and fiduciary responsibility you get from publically traded funds.

Your investment is backed by more than three decades of experience, from a team that is a pioneer in our unique space.

High-yielding fixed income 

Private mREITs provide a steady income through dividends, which generally are higher than average stock dividends.

They are ideal for longer-term strategies, with the potential for higher returns as the real estate market matures.

Long-term strategies release the pressure of timing from the equation.

They eliminate the stressors that come with short-term decisions and harness the power of compounding.

Marquee Capital Fund 1 benefits and features

The Fund allows investors to passively invest in high-yielding secured notes through a range of underwritten mortgage products—with a preferred return of 8%.

Our investment approach is designed to limit investor exposure through the following approach:

  • Prudent underwriting that looks for the full story and true valuations
  • Scrutinizing loan applications for the quality of collateral, verification of title, and borrower financials and ability to repay
  • Loans screened and underwritten by licensed professionals that emphasize principal and yield preservation
  • Diversification via a pool of mortgage-backed securities
  • Investing in a wide array of mortgage products and property types throughout the U.S.

Investors can still invest in real estate without the hassle of managing properties themselves.

They also have access to unique tax advantages with the Qualified Business Income Deduction.

Start investing with Marquee today

Unleash the following benefits by investing in Marquee Capital Fund 1:

  • Risk mitigation
  • A stable and resilient portfolio
  • Exposure to multiple opportunities
  • Long-term wealth preservation
  • Tax benefits

With our team, you can expect a real partnership and exceptional customer service.

Interested? Discover how Marquee Capital Fund 1 can boost your investment portfolio.
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