Using a Hard Money Home Equity Loan to Start A Business
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August 21, 2023


A hard money home equity loan to start a business can be a viable option for entrepreneurs seeking financial assistance. 

When traditional lending institutions may not be willing to extend credit, a hard money loan offers an alternative solution. 

With its flexibility and accessibility, hard money home equity loans can be an opportunity to provide the necessary capital to kickstart your business venture, whatever it may be. 

Explore the benefits and considerations of utilizing a hard money loan to start a business. Let us help you make informed decisions for your entrepreneurial aspirations.

What is a home equity loan?

Home equity loans are an alternative type of loan that allows homeowners to borrow against most of the equity they have built in their property. 

These loans are considered “secured,” meaning that the borrower’s property serves as collateral to secure the loan. 

Home equity loans are frequently used for large expenses, such as starting a business, home renovations, or paying off high-interest debts.

An explanation of hard money home equity loans

A hard money home equity loan is a different type of loan—it uses the equity in your home or other asset as collateral. 

Typically a short-term option, these loans can be used to fund various endeavors, including starting a business. 

Unlike traditional bank loans, hard money loans are often provided by individual investors or private lending institutions, such as Marquee Funding Group.

How do hard money home equity loans work?

Equity is the difference between your property’s market value and the outstanding mortgage balance. This is what you can use as collateral for a loan. 

The value of your home is assessed by a lender who offers a loan amount based on a percentage of that value. 

Loan-to-value ratios are typically lower for hard money loans, ranging from 60% to 80%.

Advantages of hard money home equity loans

  1. Quick approval process: Hard money loans usually have a fast approval process which is beneficial when you need funds promptly to start your business.
  2. Flexible terms: Flexibility can be paramount when it comes to loan terms including the loan duration, repayment options, and even the ability to negotiate terms based on your specific business or personal needs.
  3. Credit history is not the only determining factor: Credit history is still considered, but hard money lenders focus more on the value of the collateral (the property) rather than your score. This can be a big advantage if you have a less-than-perfect credit history.
  4. Less documentation: Hard money lenders often require less documentation compared to traditional lenders, something that frequently hampers the approval process with traditional loans.

Considerations when opting for a hard money home equity loan

  1. Higher interest rates: Interest rates, compared to traditional mortgage loans, are going to be relatively higher due to the increased risk involved. Carefully consider whether the benefits of the loan outweigh the higher costs.
  2. Shorter loan term: These are almost always short-term loans, usually ranging from six months to a few years. Have a clear plan for repaying the loan within the agreed-upon timeframe.
  3. Your business plan and repayment: Assess the viability of your business model and your overall ability to generate the necessary income to repay the loan.
  4. Your property is in play: Borrowers who are unable to meet the terms of their repayment agreement can potentially lose the property they’ve used as collateral. 

Let’s Get Your Loan Started

Benefits of a hard money home equity loan for starting a business

Starting a business requires adequate funding to get off the ground and achieve success. 

The following are some of the specific advantages that a hard money home equity loan gives for starting a business.

Quick access to funds

When it comes to starting a business, timing is crucial. Traditional loan applications can be lengthy and time-consuming, causing delays in receiving the funds you need. 

However, with a hard money home equity loan, you can enjoy quick access to funds if you need to strike a business deal ‘when the iron is hot.’

Less strict eligibility requirements

For aspiring entrepreneurs with less-than-perfect credit or limited business history, securing a loan from traditional lenders can be challenging, with strict eligibility requirements and high credit score thresholds.

Your credit history may still be considered by a hard money lender, but they are primarily interested in the value of your home and its equity. 

Flexibility in loan terms

Fixed repayment schedules and interest rates are a staple of conventional lenders, but hard money lenders often provide more flexibility. 

Loan terms can often be tailored based on your new company’s needs and financial situation. 

Options to negotiate interest rates and repayment periods, or even customize payment schedules are possible to align with your business cash flow. 

This flexibility can be particularly valuable for entrepreneurs who are just starting out or facing irregular income streams.

Tips for using a hard money home equity loan wisely

Utilizing a hard money home equity loan to start a business can be a tricky financial maneuver but one that could be the perfect fit for your situation. 

Follow these tips to maximize this pathway’s potential for success.

Create a detailed business plan

A detailed and comprehensive business plan can be one of the best roadmaps for your venture, outlining your objectives, strategies, and financial projections. 

Include clear and realistic financial forecasts showcasing the viability and profitability of your business. 

A well-crafted business plan not only helps you organize your thoughts, helps you determine the exact amount of funding you need, but also demonstrates your commitment and dedication to potential lenders. 

Seek professional financial advice

Instincts and personal knowledge are crucial when using a hard money home equity loan for your business, but so is seeking professional financial advice. 

A financial expert can help you evaluate the terms of the loan, ensuring you fully understand the interest rates, repayment terms, and any potential risks involved. 

They can also help you assess your overall financial situation and make sound decisions regarding the loan’s utilization. 

Consider the potential return on investment

Evaluating the profitability of your proposed business idea and estimating the expected return on investment (ROI) will help you determine if the loan is a worthwhile investment.

Analyzing factors such as: 

  • Market demand 
  • Competition 
  • Future growth prospects 

These and other factors can help you gauge the feasibility of your business idea and make realistic projections. 

Is it a good idea to use a hard money home equity loan to start a business?

Employing a hard money home equity loan to kickstart your business can be a strategic and advantageous move. 

By tapping into the equity of your home or property, you gain access to funding quickly and without the strict criteria of traditional lenders. This alternative financing option allows you to leverage your existing assets and turn them into capital for your entrepreneurial ambitions. 

However, it’s important to carefully consider the risks and costs associated with hard money loans, like higher interest rates and shorter repayment terms. 

Make sure to thoroughly research and evaluate your options before proceeding. With careful planning and execution, a hard money home equity loan can provide the boost you need to turn your business dreams into a reality.

Common sense lending with Marquee Funding Group

Marquee Funding Group is proud to be known as a prominent hard money lender in America—funding the deals that others won’t. 

Our lenient requirements and exceptional flexibility can greatly benefit both seasoned entrepreneurs and those who are dipping their toes in the business world for the first time.

Through the advantages of hard money loans, business people can capitalize on lucrative opportunities, finance multiple projects, and expedite their growth. 

Maximize your potential with Marquee Funding Group. 

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