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Simplify retirement and make the most of your home equity. Eliminate monthly mortgage payments and receive cash or a line of credit to finance life’s expenses.

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What borrowers are saying

Star Star Star Star Star
Six star rating!

If there was a way six-star rating , this would be it! Easy to deal with, all information I need and quick service. Thank you for guiding me all the way—very professional!

Judy B.
Star Star Star Star Star
Great Service

I have done business with Max Stone for many years and he is a true professional and a great communicator in this industry. Great Service is why I will continue to use his product and service at Marquee Funding group.

John G.
Star Star Star Star Star
Simply the best!

Max Stone at MFG is simply the best! As real estate developers we have been working with Marquee since 2014 and have developed and flipped multiple properties with various needs. They have made the whole process stress free. Max’s professionalism and true understanding of what we need and when has been the core support for our growing business. We look forward to working together well into the future.

Jeanne F.
Star Star Star Star Star
Highly recommend

We have worked with Steve Sutton over 20 years now to help us fund multiple projects. Without his help we would have missed out on several value added investments. He comes highly recommended!!!

Larry G.
Star Star Star Star Star
Always very helpful

I have done many transactions with Vahe Sevani and Marquee Funding! Always very helpful, organized and willing to get the deal done quickly. I HIGHLY recommend using Vahe and his team for all of your alternative loan solutions! 5 STARS!

Star Star Star Star Star
Marquee made it happen

Marquee Funding Group helped me in a time of need. At the beginning of the pandemic, I moved across the country and needed a bridge loan to close the purchase of my California home until my apartment in New York City sold. Marquee made it happen and I’m forever thankful!

Kali G.
Star Star Star Star Star
Top Notch!

Marquee Funding Group, has helped me on a number of occasions. Their expertise and ability to complete loans on time, is second to none. Whenever I need to close quickly, this is where I go. The entire team, is Top Notch ‼️‼️

Tamara S.
Star Star Star Star Star

I have been investing with this company and Max Stone for years. Very reliable and honest, their knowledge goes a long way.

Daniel S.
Star Star Star Star Star
Funded me in under 10 days

Amazing experience with these guys. Terrible personal circumstances. Lost the house in a wildfire just before completion. These guys stood by me, allowed me another 18 months to rebuild. Worked with the insurance company. Really saved me from financial ruin. Just used them again for another project. Funded me in under 10 days. Ask for RJ, he’ll take great care of you.

James B.
Star Star Star Star Star
Reach out to Marquee for your next construction loan

Marquee Funding Group is truly the best. I’ve personally managed hundreds of construction sites in my career as a project manager, lenders fund control, and my own personal jobs. When it comes to construction loans, Marquee Funding Group is second to none. If you’re a developer you should reach out to Marquee for your next construction loan.

Greg R.
Star Star Star Star Star
Best in attention to detail

I have been an investor with Marquee Funding for over 20 years, and investing in hard money real estate loans for close to 40 years. I have worked with many different hard money groups over the years and find that Marquee offers the best in attention to detail, underwriting concerns, servicing and ultimately overall customer service. Investing with Marquee feels safer to me than having money in the bank and certainly pays substantially more yield on my investment. If you are a seasoned investor or just starting to invest in real estate secured investments I would highly recommend Marquee Funding Group.

Brad S.
Star Star Star Star Star
Extremely professional

I LOVE working with V Sevani! He is extremely professional, enthusiastic and knowledgeable, I always ask for V when I have a loan scenario that needs immediate attention! V is the man!!

Jim L.

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