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Mortgage Lending

Marquee Funding Group is an experienced team of savvy real estate investors and loan originators. We understand the urgency to get your deal done. Whether you’re a borrower or broker; If your mortgage transaction makes sense, we’ll do it fast and simple – funding in days, not months.

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How we get things done.

Unlike institutional lenders and underwriting, we are a private money lender. Our lending decisions are based on the merits of each deal and the benefit to your customer.


  • Immediate review of your loan scenario(s)
  • Quick loan application, document request, and underwriting
  • Funding in as little as 7 days
  • You get another ecstatic customer!

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Meet our Private Money Lending Experts

Marquee Funding Group is a tight-knit group of experienced hard money lending experts. Each loan officer is highly trained and capable of structuring mortgage options for unique business and owner-occupied loan scenarios.