About Marquee

Marquee has been an anchor in private real estate lending for over 3 decades. We’re one of a few private lenders providing consumer owner occupied loans. We also provide non-consumer, business, investment, and commercial loans in the 1st, 2nd , & 3rd positions up to 70% LTV.

A hard money / private money loan is an asset-based loan through which a borrower receives funds collateralized by real property. For example, you are self-employed & cannot qualify for a loan through a conventional bank. We can likely provide a loan against your home or commercial property.

Yes, we have a $300 million fund in addition to hundreds of individual investors.

Marquee offers in-house servicing with Platinum Loan Servicing. Origination and servicing under one roof allows for concierge like care and maintenance.

We offer mortgages in California and Colorado.

We handle escrow and loan-servicing in-house.

These investments are in the form of a promissory note secured by a deed of trust (trust deeds).

A deed of trust is the security instrument that secures the promissory note against the real property and details the rights and responsibility of both parties as to the protections and collection of the debt. The security instrument is an evidence of debt or a pledge of the real property asset. It details the right to collect and remedy in which the debt is to be collected.

  • The “Trustor(s)” or Borrower(s)” – The person(s) or entity that owns the real property being pledged for Collateral.
  • The “Beneficiary(s)” or Lender(s) – the person(s) or entity that is the actual “Investor” lending the money.
  • The “Trustee” – the person or entity that acts as a third party intermediary who is responsible for overseeing the disposition of the secured instrument.

A promissory note details the contract of repayment and the rights and responsibilities of both the borrower and lender.

Loan Types & Products

We offer purchase, rate and term refinance, and cash out refinance loans.

We lend on single family residences, multi-family, commercial, industrial, and land.

We offer 1st (first), 2nd (second), and 3rd (third) mortgages. We have even done a 7th mortgage.

Yes, we offer consumer owner occupied and non-owner occupied loans for purchases and refinances.

We require 2 years of ONE of the following: bank statements, tax returns, or W2’s. For entertainers or athletes, we can use sponsorship contracts.

Providing 2 years of bank statements is a popular option because self-employed borrowers typically show little income on tax returns due to write-offs.

Yes, we offer owner occupied and non-owner occupied business purpose loans for purchases and refinances.

Yes, we offer bridge loans for consumer and business purpose.

Yes, we offer investment loans for purchases and refinances.

Yes, we offer construction loans and go up to 70% of the after repair value (Transaction Specific).

Yes, we offer fix and flip loans and go up to 70% after repair value (Transaction Specific).

Yes, we offer commercial loans for purchases and refinances.

Yes, these loans solve estate matters when a loan is “not bankable” through institutional channels.

  • Sibling buy-outs
  • Prop 58 – Avoidance of property tax reassessment
  • Curing creditor issues
  • Curing tax defaults
  • Funding for special needs trusts or beneficiaries
  • Payoff matured reverse mortgages
  • Update property

LTV = loan amount ÷ property value

We can go up to 70% LTV (Transaction Specific)

Our loan amounts range from $50,000.00 – $20,000,000.00

Yes, we offer loans for properties currently in default.

Yes, we refinance properties that are held in LLCs.

Yes, we offer loans to foreign nationals.

Yes, we are able to cross properties.

We determine your mortgage rate by evaluating the loan position and LTV.

Points are a percentage of the loan amount (1 point = 1%).

We charge points on a transaction specific basis. Factors include loan position and LTV.

The loan process for business purpose loans is typically 7-14 days. The loan process for consumer purpose loans is typically 10 days because we must comply with TRID. However, we have the ability to close in 48 hours under select circumstances.

We offer loans written for 1 to 30 years depending on your need for funds.

We offer same day approvals. Often times we can provide loan approval within our initial 10 minute phone conversation.



Investors can expect net yields from 8-12% annually.